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Monday, May 19, 2014

Gluten Intolerance

Yesterday and today I read something on facebook that was supposed to be a "new discovery in science".  This discovery was that Gluten Intolerance is not real.  I'm writing this not as a DR but as someone who suffers with Gluten Intolerance and someone who finds it interesting that these discoveries don't want to talk to people like me.

For me gluten intolerance is very real.  It started with a diagnosis of Insulin Resistance, followed by a diagnosis of Iron Deficiency Anemia.  Not to mention the IBS I suffered with all the time, the mind fog, and the intense fatigue.  All of these are classic signs of Gluten Intolerance.  So after hearing a lecture from a DR here in this area that specializes in Gluten Intolerance I decided to go off wheat and gluten just to see what would happen.  I must say the difference was remarkable.  My IBS cleared up first - I went from running to the bathroom to being normal.  The next thing I noticed was my belly - it went down A LOT.  My brain fog was much better - and that was after a week.  

So how can I be sure that gluten is the cause, well I like to push boundaries and do that quite often.  One is Chinese food.  I love Chinese, but had stopped eating it because of my allergies (soy and wheat/gluten).  This weekend I decided to push again and ate Chinese.  By the time I had left the restaurant I was in massive pain in my tummy which lasted most of the day.  Today my brain fog is the worst it's been in years, I feel like I haven't slept in a week and can't remember much of anything I'm supposed to do.  Not only that I'm running a fever, something that was regular occurrence for me before I went off wheat.

So for those out there that want to say that Gluten Intolerance is not real - go for it, but as for this chick I'm going to stay the coarse and return to my strict Gluten Free diet.  And for that my body thanks me.

Healthy hugs

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