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Monday, January 6, 2014

Sabbath Homeschooling

Sabbath homeschooling whats that??????  Common question when I mention what we do.  So here is what it entails and why I love it.

Sabbath homeschooling is a way to school all year.  We homeschool for 6 weeks and then have the 7th week off.  He gets 6 weeks off in the summer, his birthday week off and the whole month of December off.  We also take weeks here and there when need be.  What this does is completes the 180 days required here and more for each year.  I helps me evaluate where he is and then decide what studies need to happen and where he is good and just needs maintenance.

He loves it because he knows at the end of 6 weeks he gets a break, he doesn't care if we homeschool in the summer because that is our time to go out and investigate nature and work on his nature journal, it's wonderful.

Please comment with any questions.  It's super simple, but NOT for everyone.

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