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Monday, January 6, 2014

Busy few days - one day off

Yup my goal of blogging every day hasn't worked out so well so far, but I'm hoping it gets better.  Thursday I blogged while taking breaks from cleaning, Friday it was a cleaning frenzy, Saturday we put the finishing touches on the cleaning, I cooked for my teams party, I also made packets up for them that I will post pics of.  Sunday I rested.  I usually go to church but we had snow and ice, so when I got up and saw that my van was covered in snow and my street was not cleaned off, I'm like ok staying home.  My son and husband went but he called and said don't risk it, it's bad out here (got to love a husband that keeps you safe.

So today we started school off again.  Zach had 6 weeks off in a for the holidays, well a combination of things anyway.  Thanksgiving was a week late and that was his birthday week also so he had that week off for both, the next week started December and he gets the whole month of December off (we do what is called Sabbath homeshooling which I will explain in another post), then the week of New Years was off.  

Usually when we start back after such a long time off it's a fight and struggle, not today though thankfully.  I started him out on Hooda Math, then I had him read the first chapter in A Series of Unfortunate Events book 1.  Then I had him choose which unit study he wanted to do, he chose one that goes with the book Magic Tree House #8, Midnight on the MoonAlthough writing is a struggle to get him to do, reading is not and I love that.  Note to self - letting your child pick the unit studies makes life so much smoother.

My next post will be on Sabbath homeschooling.

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