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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year - New beginnings

I've had this blog for awhile but have slacked off on posting, so this year I'm going to attempt to post once a day no matter where I am.  I travel a lot for my business so this will be challenging at times, but I am aiming for once a day.  If time allows and I have an idea I may post more than that, but we shall see.

A lot of stuff happened last year, mostly all good, which I have to say was way better than 2012.  2013 brought me renewed health, a business I love working with phenomenal people getting them healthy, my husband returning from Afghanistan, my brother getting engaged, and an amazing new way to look at myself and others thanks to the coaching of an amazing man.

Last year I was asked to pick a word that would describe my 2013 - I chose organized.  Unfortunately with all the traveling I did it didn't happen, but the past few weeks it has been, so by they end of January I plan to have my entire living area cleaned up and organized.  My word for 2014 is Helpful, this is mainly because I now have a team that I'm working very closely with and I want them to know I'm there for them to help them succeed.

I will be talking more about what I do in later blog posts.  So be looking for lots of things here, crafts I've completed and love, things I will be selling, more about what I do, rants and raves about products or just life, and much more. 

The first fun post will be up shortly and it will be a product rave.

Healthy hugs


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